photo series: Ghetto Birds - About pigeons: Ghetto Birds 2

Andreas Kappelman, who works at the Stadttaubenprojekt pigeon activism project in Frankfurt, is spreading pigeon food in an empty pigeon house in Frankfurt
Ghetto Birds 2

Pigeon shelter employee Andreas Kappelmann spreads pigeon food in one of the three public pigeon houses in Frankfurt. The activists from the 'Stadttaubenprojekt' supply the den with food every couple of days, so the pigeons do not populate public places in their search for food. The pigeon's eggs are also replaced with dummies once or twice a week, so the pigeon populations do not increase. Even though the ‚Stadttaubenprojekt‘s' methods in ethically dealing with pigeons are highly successful - most prominently in the city of Wiesbaden - authorities in Frankfurt hesitate or refuse to build more dens. They prefer controversial methods like spikes, nets, hawks or cages that can harm or kill pigeons and other birds and are much more expensive than dens. Some politicians think that the dens are ineffective since they are populated by too many pigeons. Reason does not often apply when it comes to pigeons in Frankfurt and in most parts of the world, since a with a higher number of dens the pigeons could spread on several of them.