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A model is walking down the stairy of a tourist river boat while another woman that is using a transparent elevator watches her

On board a cruise ride on the Danube river, a model is walking down stairs to enter the dining hall where she presents fashion to the passengers - for The New York Times ( A boat called the AmaPrima shipped about 120 passengers - most of them Jewish - from Budapest to Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, all in Austria; and, finally, Regensburg and Nuremberg, in Bavaria, Germany, to places and sites of Jewish heritage, culture and agony. The Danube Discovery Tour ­is one of 12 Danube-based itineraries offered by AmaWaterways. In addition to Jewish Heritage, other themed cruises specialize in subjects like wine, beer, jazz, Christmas markets and knitting. All itineraries offer optional pre- and postcruise land-based tour extensions.